"Since 1980, photography was a passion. Over time, the mycology and nature they have become leading actors."

Finland: Santa Claus land

Finland, particularly most to north of Kuopio, is one of the least populated countries of Europe. So, a traveller can enjoy wonderful views on lakes, rivers, great forests and can see many wild animals. Finland is a country mainly flat and the forests covers over 2/3 of the country's land area: the largest forested area in Europe. This type of ecosystem, very wet, is the kingdom of Fungi but also of the mosquitoes! In summer time, the days are very long and is possible to shoot with natural light until also to 11 pm. Taiga covers most of Finland from northern regions of southern provinces to the north of Lapland. The Brown bear (the national animal), the gray wolf and the elk you can see. In Finland lives, the endangered, the Saimaa Ringed Seal: only 300 seals today exists only in the Saimaa lake system of southeastern Finland.

In Finland there are about 188,000 lakes. Finland is one of the world's northernmost countries: only Reykjavík, of all world capitals, lies more to the north than Helsinki.

Today in Finland live about 5,5 million people with an average population density of 18 inhabitants per square kilometre but the most people are in Uusimaa region (Helsinki). The most of the municipalities have fewer than 6,000 residents. In Lapland lives only 3,4% of Finland's population: an exceptional natural landscape!

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Highland cattle

Finland: Highland cattle - D3, AF-S 300/4 - f/6.3

Small selection of less common mushrooms