Zeiss 100/2 ZF.2
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Zeiss Makro Planar T* 100/2

Another 100mm macro lens? Not really.. First this glass is f/2, second but most important, has excellent build quality. This latter feature has a great importance in macro-photo: the perfect manual focusing, guaranteed by the fluted focus ring exceptionally well damped, is essential for serious photographers. My version of the lens is ZF.2: this version with Nikon F bayonet is able to control diaphragm on camera. Obviously, how all Zeiss lenses, is manual focus but in macro-photo this is normal and right. The f/2 aperture allows to use the lens as portrait lens with excellent results. The first exemplaries were produced in 2010 and today the Zeiss 100/2 ZF.2 costs, new, about $1900.

On field, on digital cameras, like D3 or D800E, is terrific. Can be used as a very painterly tool thanks to its drawing style or as razor image thanks to its excellent sharpness. The colours have great naturality, the tonal transictions are smooth. Zeiss 100/2 has max. magnification to 1:2 but I've obtained satisfactory results with Kenko Pro G tube at RR 1:1. A special mention for the lens hood: all solid metal with a internal black velvet that eliminates any stray light reflected. But in really all is builded with absolute quality.

I've tried this lens on many cameras (D3, D800, D800E and A7) and the results are always been excellent.

My opinion ( 1 Poor - 5 Excellent )

Quality on field:

(Tested: Nikon D3, D800, D800E, Sony A7)


(Solidity and precision: all glass and metal)


(A little too expensive)

Zeiss Makro Planar T* 2/100 ZF.2

Makro 100/2 on D3: Verpa bohemica @ f/11

Small selection of less common mushrooms