Czech Republic
"Since 1980, photography was a passion. Over time, the mycology and nature they have become leading actors."

Prague: empire middle land

Prague, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful european city. I was gone for the first time in 1986 when Berlin Wall was not still down. Today the atmosphere in the city is very different: many superstore and many fast food that one time there weren't. But many corners and signs are remain. At night and in ugly days is it possible relive Prague imperial. Charles Bridge, historical piece of Europe, is magnificent with the night lights. At the sunset the Castel of Prague become magical. A great city for a big culture. Prague is the historical capital of Bohemia and is crossed by Vltava River. Prague is also the Bridges's city and was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Since 1992 Prague has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Prague was a city in the territory of military and political control of the Soviet Union. In 1967 Prague took a strong position against the Soviet regime. Many young people, with Alexander Dubček, starting short season named Prague Spring. In 1968 the Soviet regime suppressed any attempt to reform with the tanks.

Today Prague is the sixth most visited European city. In Prague live about 1.3 million people and is the capital of Czech Republic after the split of Czechoslovakia, in 1993. In 2002 Prague suffered from widespread floods that damaged some buildings. But the city remains wonderful..

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Historical interest:

(From prehistory to Velvet Revolution)


(Gardens and beautiful bridges on Moldava)


(Excellent beer and ospitality)

Astronomical clock

Prague: Astronomical clock - D3, AF-S 105 VR - f/7.1

Small selection of less common mushrooms